faro maailma - speculum
elephant and castle matti bye - drömt
onda sagor matti bye - gösta berlings saga
mario adamson - made in yugoslavia gustav broms - ex silentio
panoptikon orchestra - the joyless street matti bye - the phantom carriage
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recorded at a four day run of the movie at cinemateket in stockholm in 1998, this is music written for a ten man orchestra to accompany the dark and redemptive movie by victor sjöström

in the liner notes the composer says that the film is, 'a miracle play about the love of a salvation army slum sister, a new year's legend about misery, passion, forgiveness and revelation. it is one of the finest movies that I have ever played to'

'the music, written by matti bye, managed the impossible: the audience forgot they were watching a silent film. the music told us more about the characters, the temper of the hero and most of all about their feelings; it told us about their cherished dreams and thoughts' (korrespondent, kiev)

'matti bye's music is just there, from the first second to the last. the music follows the film, or is it the film that follows the music? they are as if made for each other. matti bye shuffles and deals. sometimes the music is frightening and threatening, sometimes in love and playing lightly' (louise florin)

20 track cd

matti bye - the phantom carriage
matti bye
«the phantom carriage»


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