faro maailma - speculum
elephant and castle matti bye - drömt
onda sagor matti bye - gösta berlings saga
mario adamson - made in yugoslavia gustav broms - ex silentio
panoptikon orchestra - the joyless street matti bye - the phantom carriage
emma kihl - evig underhållningsmaskin patric nadà - tjugofyra åringar

music from matti bye & the panoptikon orchestra's succesful ciné-concert with the pabst classic, arranged and recorded especially for this album

all the inventiveness and lyricism of the panoptikon orchestra can be found on this album

transcendentally light, romantic and mystical, this record blends dark and automated waltzes with tangos on felt pads, a grand piano on the dole, a butcher's mandolin and greta's own floating, fleeting dance tune

one moment a traditional trio of accordeon, violin, and mandolin, the next a living sound effect box with makeshift junkyard instruments

one moment the music is a shy, romantic tango, the next a dark deep sea soundscape

18 track cd
the panoptikon orchestra - the joyless street
matti bye & the panoptikon orchestra
«the joyless street»


released on october 15, 2004

listen to:
the butcher (mp3, 0.2mb)
valse noire (mp3, 0.1mb)
those who wait (mp3, 0.3mb)
the girl and the soldier (mp3, 0.3mb)

the album is available for purchase at motljud.com

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