faro maailma - speculum
elephant and castle matti bye - drömt
onda sagor matti bye - gösta berlings saga
mario adamson - made in yugoslavia gustav broms - ex silentio
panoptikon orchestra - the joyless street matti bye - the phantom carriage
emma kihl - evig underhållningsmaskin patric nadà - tjugofyra åringar

this is an epic photographic work put together on many continents and over a long period of time

it follows in the footsteps of photographer gustaf broms as he observes, transforms and captures his surroundings

the work departs from the idea of the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and a fifth element. the process formed around the experience of spending one year in an environment that is strongly influenced by one element;

the australian desert for fire,

the southwest coast of ireland for water,

a forest in sweden for earth,

and the indian himalayas for air

the idea of the fifth element as consciousness took form in a city environment, new york, new dehli, and stockholm

the record features broms' own field recordings from different parts of the world, arranged, mixed and made into music by broms and matti bye

fold-out photo book in die-cut cardboard covers with 1 track cd

gustav broms & matti bye - ex silentio
gustaf broms
«ex silentio»


released on april 22, 2004

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