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'drömt', swedish for 'dreamt', is music lingering in the borderlands between dream, childhood, and departure. the music is desperate, dream-like, majestic, calling forth different states of mind

the red painted cheeks of the composer as a seven year old child on the cover of the album is a key to a world that seems oddly disconcerting seen peering through stained glass at a world of make-believe, a dressed up, theatrical, artificial past

this music was was conceived during a dark patch, a time of change, of leave-taking, and born at the moment when silence and inwardness give way to expression, flashes of light, and shouts

at times rough, heroic and exultant, for example in the track 'uppbrott' (’departure’), at others romantic, misty, and unreal, like in ’sömngångare’ (’sleepwalkers’)

featuring guest spots from musicans like nicolai dunger, goran kajfes, johan berthling (tape, häpna), laura naukkarinen (lau nau, maailma), leo svensson & elle-kari larsson (the tiny), and mikael marin (väsen)

9 track cd
matti bye - drömt
matti bye


released on october 22, 2008

listen to:
uppbrott (mp3, 2.4mb)
sömngångare (mp3, 2.5mb)
klosterhage (mp3, 3mb)

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