faro maailma - speculum
elephant and castle häxan - häxan
matti bye - drömt onda sagor
matti bye - gösta berlings saga mario adamson - made in yugoslavia
gustav broms - ex silentio panoptikon orchestra - the joyless street
matti bye - the phantom carriage emma kihl - evig underhållningsmaskin
patric nadà - tjugofyra åringar

this music was performed alongside benjamin christensen's silent film häxan – witchcraft through the ages – both live in concert and as the soundtrack to the definitive dvd edition of the film, published by the swedish film institute

this music is still in preparation for a release sometime next year.

a first result of this collaboration between kristian holmgren, matti bye, and laura naukkarinen, is the 2008 lp by maailma on the tjärnen label

häxan - häxan


no release date yet

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