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in may 2002 a nuclear physicist, a biochemist, a colonel, an engineer, a priest, an artist, and a theatre critic got together to construct an eternal entertainment machine in the bandstand at the abandoned public recreation park in kristinehamn, sweden

project manager och artist was emma kihl, born in 1976 in stockholm, where she lives and works. among other things she has participated in the biennale of young artists in tallinn in 2007

the first side of the record contains field recordings from the bandstand and at different places in the park

the second side contains music made from sampled music boxes and arranged by matti bye

book and binder in case + 2 track 7"
emma kihl & matti bye - evig underhållningsmaskin
emma kihl
«evig underhållningsmaskin»


released on may 10, 2003
out of print

rotor - brännkyrkagatan 41 118 22 stockholm - info@rotorrecords.com