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released in collaboration with kning disk, gothenburg.

elephant & castle is a musical work created by composers matti bye and mattias olsson. it is a journey through forgotten landscapes and a visit to an abandoned amusement park, to the sounds of an underwater orchestra playing broken barrel organs and strange instruments from a sunken ship.

the album was created in relation to the photographic work of martina hoogland ivanow. her images were used for inspiration during the recording sessions, as a visual partition for the music.

elephant and castle

the result is presented in a stunningly beautiful box with a vinyl record, a phonograph cylinder, and fourteen photographs.

elephant and castle

14 track vinyl album:

vinyl lp with 2 photographs.

limited edition: 199 copies

screen printed box including a vinyl lp & 14 photographs.

limited edition: 78 copies

screen printed box including a vinyl lp, phonograph cylinder & 14 photographs.

limited edition: 22 copies

elephant and castle
matti bye & mattias olsson
«elephant and castle»


released in May, 2011

listen to:
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you can find more info and buy the album at Kningdisk's web site

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