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monumental and microscopic at turns, rarely has music moved so effortlessly between folk music, psychedelia, electronics, and the classical orchestra.

maailma are laura naukkarinen, alias lau nau, with three brilliant full length albums to her name, and one of the brightest shining stars in the finnish free folk scene, matti bye, film composer and silent film performer, and kristian holmgren, producer, musician and silent film performer.

maailma are now returning with their second full length album, speculum.

apart from augmenting their sound with instruments like the hammond organ, the harpsichord and the celesta, for the followup to 2008's noitalauluja, maailma have been collaborating with a small orchestra of string and woodwind players.

also appearing is percussionist henrik olsson, playing drums, marimba and homemade electronic percussion. additionally, the album features guest spots from helena espvall, antti tolvi, and mattias olsson.

limited vinyl edition of 300 copies, with a deluxe heavy tip-on gatefold sleeve featuring photography by gustaf broms. also available on cd and as a digital download.

elephant and castle



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