faro maailma - speculum
elephant and castle matti bye - drömt
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panoptikon orchestra - the joyless street matti bye - the phantom carriage
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this record features matti bye's award winning music to the film 'faro'.

the music has all the hallmarks of a classic matti bye score—-the minimalist, soaring piano melodies, played with a touch that's almost painfully light; the mystical, airy strings that seems to appear out of nowhere, hinting of things unknown—-yet there's a faint streak of the ethereal beauty of many 1960s film scores, with harpsichord and electric bass piano weaving figures that are baroque and pop at the same time.

available on cd and in an audiophile vinyl edition on 45 rpm.

elephant and castle

matti bye


released in March, 2013

the album is available on LP and CD at:

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